Shortridge Laundry “Rise from the Ashes” To Win the Major Industry Award

Shortridge Laundry “Rise from the Ashes” To Win the Major Industry Award

That in itself is a remarkable achievement: to have done so in a year in which we suffered a devastating fire is testimony to not just the quality of the sheets, towels and workwear, and the operational service we provide, but also to the calibre of our management and commitment of our magnificent staff.

    The award recognizes our service, supplying over 1800 customers, ranging from family-run B&Bs to the best 5-Star hotels in the country, including
  • The 9th Most Luxurious Hotel in the World* (Co. Durham)
  • The Best B&B in the World* (North Yorks)
  • Britain’s Best Restaurant (Cumbria)

*As voted by Trip Advisor

We also have a thriving workwear service, looking after the needs of bsuinesses of all sizes, in industries including food production, engineering and the motor trade.
The award identifies that we really do deliver on their mission to provide the very best possible laundry. Every year we invest in around £1m of new linen and towels, sourcing them from the best manufacturers around the world. This is appreciated by our customers’ customers: hotel guest expectations rise inexorably, and our range keeps pace with that.

The two Shortridge laundries have had constant major investment in state-of-the-art washers, dryers and ironers to ensure the best ‘clean and finish’ and, importantly, to maximise efficiency - which leads to reliability, an essential component of a commercial laundry service.
In March this year a major fire closed our Dumfries laundry. No-one was injured. However, there was a real risk of an interruption of their service to customers.

Thanks to a pre-prepared crisis management disaster contingency plan, production was moved - literally overnight - to our Workington laundry which immediately switched to 24/7 operations, maintaining service to the customers of both sites. Staff from Dumfries were transferred to Workington to work night shifts.

Soiled linen was transported to Workington on a daily basis, clean linen returned to be packed and distributed from temporary premises in Dumfries.
Huge volumes of new linen stock was purchased to ensure maintenance of supply to customers.

Additional premises were rented, on a short term basis, in Dumfries, and a temporary laundry set up to allow production to be brought back from Workington.

At the same time, plans were developed to re-design, re-build and re-equip our Dumfries laundry, and this will open early in 2018.

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers and dedication of our staff dealing with an extremely challenging situation, it is a tribute to all concerned that in the face of what could have been a catastrophe not only has the business to continue to thrive, and new business obtained, we have won this prestigious award.